My Story and How I do Research


If you have found this page of my website then welcome to my semi-public health information repository.

Over the past 2 years I have literally become a health and medicine research fanatic. 

This was in part prompted by personal health issues and health issues of NUMEROUS family members. Each of us had trouble getting answers from our primary care doctors and even some specialists. So as I and my family members continued to suffer I began to consume medical data and information like it was oxygen.

I pulled data in from:

  1. Medical journals
  2. Medical articles
  3. Medical research papers
  4. Medical data  meta-analysis
  5. Traditional medicine
    and finally 
  6. Functional medicine

On top of all of that data, I started applying all of the problem-solving techniques that I had been using in the IT systems I had been managing.

Our Experiences

My family and I understand that doctors have had years of school and training but we always felt ignored, no matter what, even if we came in multiple times for the same problem.

While some doctors or nurses were better than others, overall we just felt uncared for at a variety of medical offices.

Either the symptoms we presented with were too “hard to pin down” or the lab results were “within normal range”, despite feeling ill.

We would come in with a frequent complaint or problem only to be told:

  1. It is normal
  2. Go home and rest
  3. Go to this specialist (after waiting 3 months for an appointment)
    OR on “GOOD” days
  4. Take these pills for your symptoms (often with side effects)
    OR on BAD days
  5. That is just something you will have to live with.
  6. That is a side effect of the medication there isn’t much we can do.
    OR the worse was when multiple individuals were told
  7. Take these anti-depressants, even though you are otherwise happy and not depressed. Because it seems like you are having the physical signs of depression without being depressed. 
    (this is one of the hairs that broke the camel’s back in this situation because it made no sense what so ever.)
    1. NOTE: IF your doctor tells you this find a new doctor. Because what is really happening is you are having a physical health issue and the doctor is just going to numb that physical health issue with antidepressents. This is because antidepressents reduce your body’s abililty to feel certain things physically and emotionally.

A Time for Change

As I began my research, I started applying all of the problem-solving techniques I knew to help me get answers.

In the IT industry, you can NOT simply treat your infrastructure for symptoms of poor health. You MUST get down to the root cause, otherwise more problems could occur. So I began to dig down deep into the root cause of my families health issues. 

Eventually, I began to make several unofficial diagnoses and tried to disprove them and asked doctors for tests. Oddly enough the unofficial diagnoses that I issued turned out to be correct in many cases.

After some time I began to ask, beg, and kindly demand blood tests from doctors for both myself and family members. Often doctors would push back and say that a test was not needed because of X or Y or they would ask us to wait a little longer. Eventually, I learned to ask for them to do the test, even if it is “just for my own mental wellbeing.” Sometimes even going to order tests myself from online providers.


Finally after weeks and months of research, fighting with doctors, and begging for tests. We finally got answers to the tests. These tests most often were directly or indirectly related to health issues that I had predicted several days to several months prior.

Remember that ALL of my diagnosis attempt to look at the true root cause or causes of the issues my family members had. I also did NOT exclude any sort of therapy or treatment method.



While it is easy to blame the doctors for this and I originally did. I realized it was not that doctors were uncaring or stupid or anything like that (at least most of the time). But the real problem was insurance. Most insurance providers such as Anthem, United, etc they have VERY specific rules in order for a test to be covered by insurance or for a doctor’s visit. 

Since most patients pay for their healthcare via health insurance most doctors do not just run tests “just because”. Because if the physician or nurse does not enter the correct codes the company cannot get proper payment.

So while to some extent I blame the doctors for not looking deeper into the problem and running tests, I understand the doctors are working in a broken system where people started a career in medicine but got sucked into a medical system that puts “charts, data, routines, and procedures” above care for the patient, long term outcomes, and critical thinking.

A system that, because of strict payment terms from insurance companies, will likely continue to suffer.

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