I am a System Administrator / Engineer, Pro-Audio/Video Engineer, Web Developer / Designer, and an unofficial Health / Medical Researcher from the South Bend, Indiana region. I know that my wide range of skills is relatively uncommon, but it all stems from my early fascination with technology and my never-ending desire to learn.

I am ALWAYS  learning, from sunrise to way past sunset, if I have the opportunity I am learning something via video, podcast, sermon, online courses, or books. A big part of my desire to learn start when I was young in which I was the child who was always asking why, more so than most kids, and I was always trying to learn how stuff worked.

When I am not working, I love quality time with my beautiful wife Darcy, playing with my kids, growing in my Christian faith, reading a non-fiction book, and listening to and learning about people’s lives and their views on everything.


Health Research

I have been working on large amount of health research, currently I have spent easily over 4,000 hours of research reading over 1,200 full medical articles, studies, research papers, journals, and medical textbook sections, spanning 10+ different medical disciplines.

I hope to soon post or unofficially publish some of my research somewhere on my website or on a more trafficked website.

Some topics of my medical research include:


  • Links between hidden / subclinical infections and chronic health issues
  • Prevention of birth defects (primarily Neural Tube Defects)
  • Root cause analysis of certain chronic and autoimmune diseases
  • New treatment methods for Hypothyroidism (including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis)
  • New treatment methods for depression (using medications that that treat the root cause and not just the symptoms of depression)


The main goal of each of my documents is to simultaneously inform the public and healthcare professionals.

Therefore my documents are written (as much as possible) to be relatively simple to understand so patients and their healthcare providers can both be on the same page when considering treatment options.

My documents focus on certain infections and their respective disease associations (such as the H.Pylori and Hashimoto’s association), treatments for various diseases, innovative and supportive disease and infection treatment options, and details on understudied diseases and disorders.

Some of my research is simply validating multiple studies against each other, other areas of my research include merging discoveries made in one discipline and applying it to another area of healthcare.

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have any questions about my research or would like early access to my data and research before I publish it.


A little of my history…

When I was a kid I would take stuff apart to see how they worked or in an attempt to fix them. Then when I was a teen I started to DJ with my father. Shortly after, that I discovered that I have an ear for mixing sound for bands at live events. In my late teen years, I also began to get involved in learning various photography and video techniques that were used by professional wedding photographers and Hollywood cameramen. When I was 16, I actually took some pictures to help my mother in her college photography class and on a few occasions had people offer to buy some of the photos I had taken. A year earlier I had gotten my own computer and this led me to dive into the IT world.


Today …

Since then I have worked for large school corporations and large multinational corporations. I have created large IT systems that support between 5,000 and 5,000,000 users throughout the US and the World. I have redesigned and upgraded more than 5 school TV studios at a local school district, which in 2016 was using equipment from the 1980’s. I have developed a customized website and blogging platform that allowed staff to create a easy-to-use website in a matter of minutes, featuring interactive tutorials and numerous seamless integration features.


I continue to grow and have the same desire to learn.  I constantly pursue new knowledge and work hard to increase my skills set.  Currently my skills include but are not limited to systems administration, DevOps (infrastructure automation),  web design, computer maintenance and networking, running live video production and pro-audio systems, and more.


Software & Me …

I believe software should be free to use, free to acquire, and free to be modified. I tend to favor free software and I support and contribute to the development of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). However, I do understand that there is a time and a place for proprietary software, such as the use of Microsoft Windows.

While the idea of free software may sound crazy to many who read this, Free and Open Source Software is used by, developed by, and sponsored by companies and organizations such as: Google, Coca-cola, Oracle, Lowes, and the United States government. These organizations use this software due to it’s numerous benefits, which include but are not limited to: FREE to use, updated more frequently, generally more secure, easy and cheap to customize, and generally more technologically up-to-date.

There are free alternatives for almost any software imaginable for example: LibreOffice is an alternative to Microsoft Office and was created by The Document Foundation,  OpenERP has created Odoo, an alternative to SAP and other proprietary and expensive ERP systems, and Google has created Android the most popular mobile phone operating system.


More Info

Call or email me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, snide remarks, or employment opportunities.

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