Last Updated: November 2019

Due to the nature of work as a Systems and Linux Engineer I don’t have many examples of my work. Some of what I do have is posted below.

All content on this site has been created by me, unless stated otherwise.
Any content that seems blurry has been done so intentionally for confidentiality purposes.

For general information on the IT environments I have managed please check out my Skills page.


Graphic Design


    • Follow me on GitHub for my public coding projects. – which to be honest is not much.

Audio Video

Document Design

Note: this is some of my oldest work from when I was doing non-technical work.

  • Meal Tickets – A small example of my Excel design abilities.
  • Site Map – An example of my photo editing and Microsoft Word skills.
  • Weekly Menu –  An example of my document design skills in Microsoft Word and Excel.


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