Graphic Design – All Content


These logos were made for various groups or events.

Website Banners

Website header images and banners / banner ads


Desktop  Backgrounds / Wallpaper

PHM Schools – Background

The previous background image we used on desktop at PHM Schools was becoming dated so we decided to update it. I made two designs and the dark gray background was chosen for simplicity.


Templates / Layouts

Digital Signage Templates

Digital Signage at PHM School was used primarily in Penn High School and also at Grissom Middle School.

Visit my Digital Signage page for more on my digital signage work.



Technovation Graphics

Technovation is a PHM Schools technology and eLearning conference for educators and vendors to meet and learn whats new in classroom technology.
The theme for the 1st Technovation conference was “Road Trip”. I was charged with making the graphics for the conference.

  • The theme for the 1st Technovation conference was “Road Trip”.
    • The Interstate Sign was for smaller items like name tags
    • The two Interchange (Exit) Signs were intended to be used on banners and similar displays.
    • The customized VW van was for print material & handouts. (Note: The van has several minor changes to brand the entire van with themes for the conference.)


PHM Schools Elementary School students use a Launchpad to help teachers direct students to various websites.

The icons below were made for a student focused app center. The first 2 icons use modified versions the company’s logos, the last 3 icons use font awesome icons.

(Note: Some company logos were modified to give them have a flat appearance.)