Web Sites Before & After

This page contains information on some of the projects I have done as well as  before and after photos to help better demonstrate the work I have accomplished.

Some projects may have their own page due to the extent of the work.



Yappem is a social networking site dedicated to product and brand reviews. When I started the website was not at all mobile friendly or responsive. After just 2 weeks I made core aspects of the home page responsive.


Penn News Network – PNN

The Penn News Network is the mostly student run news group from the Penn High School news studio. When I started working on their website PNN had a professional level news studio, but a sub par website.
After 2 weeks of  planning and development the 1st version of the website was launched. Several months later after receiving feedback from their viewers and reporters the website was tweaked to its current version.



  1. Ran Drupal
  2. Outdated Software (from 2008)
  3. Not Responsive
  4. Not Media Friendly
  5. Static Homepage
  6. Nearly Abandon
  1.  Runs WordPress
  2. Up-to-date Software (automatically)
  3. Responsive
  4. Media-rich Website
  5. Dynamic Homepage
  6. New Content Daily


School Websites

Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation (or PHM Schools) is a large school district in northern Indiana. PHM Schools has over 15 websites associated with the school district. Each of the 15 schools has a website, there is a district level website, plus several smaller websites for small events. When I started working on their websites I was tasked with updating the software, making the website responsive, more media friendly, and more user friendly.

Note: The school district desired to have uniformity between its sites. Therefore all of the sites have an identical theme and structure with minor differences in colors. ONLY the main website and a Elementary School website are shown here to show those differences.



  1. Ran Drupal 6
  2. Outdated software (from 2008)
  3. Not responsive
  4. Not Media Friendly
  5. Cluttered Menus
  6. Non-intuitive Site Search
  7. Unfriendly Admin interface
  1. Runs Drupal 7.x
  2. Up-to-date Software (monthly)
  3. Responsive
  4. Media Friendly
  5. Reorganized Menu
  6. Easier Site Search
  7. Friendly and Simplified Admin interface