5 Problems With Healthcare


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Biggest Problem

The BIGGEST problem with healthcare in the US and in other modern 1st world countries is the belief that parasitic infections are not common and that yeast infections are not diagnostically significant until they cause oral or vaginal thrush. 


5 BIG ERRORS in healthcare today:


  1. The over-prescription of antidepressants and ADHD medication.

    1. Some people definitely have genetic level problems that cause them to need this medication. (see upcoming post on how SSRI’s and similiar medications ACTUALLY WORK)
      1. CONSIDER THIS anti-depressents are primarily intended for depression, but….
      2. Depression can ONLY BE diagnosed AFTER ALL OTHER CAUSES HAVE BEEN RULED OUT. This is according to the DSM-5.
      3. Things that must be ruled out include:
        1. Infectious agents
        2. Hormonal deficiencies
        3. Vitamin deficiencies
        4. mineral deficiencies
      4. DSM is the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of mental health that is a SYMPTOM only based list that uses SYMPTOMS and ONLY symptoms to diagnose patients.
      5. The DSM dose not attempt to address the root cause of the health issues.
    2. ADHD Diagnoses are on the rise.
      1. But so is the consumption of pornography by younger and younger boys (and also girls).
        1. Research has shown that chronic porn consumption damages the reward circuit causing a high amount of novelty to produce adequate dopamine release and subsequent attention.
      2. Sleep deprivation can cause symptoms similar to ADHD.
        1. Teens these days rarely get enough sleep as many admit to being on their phone until late at night. Part of this is their body responding to hormonal changes thus making sleep more difficult at times.
  2. The belief that the presence of an infection without common signs means the infection is harmless (or that swollen glands are not a problem until they cause obvious pain fatigue):

    1. Several diseases (many discussed below) were at one point and time believed to be harmless to humans.
      1. Often because they did not cause any “known” or “common” symptoms.
      2. However, there is a continuation of research showing either direct or practically direct links between these “benign” infections/illnesses and depression, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases, and even cancer.
    2. Your bodies glands do NOT swell for no apparent reason. If your glands are swollen they are responding to something, most likely it is an autoimmune disorder.
  3. The belief that there is NO root cause to an autoimmune disorder, and that it is purely a genetic condition.
    1. CONSIDER THIS – autoimmune mean your body is attacking itself.
      1. Here is where my religious bias comes into play here.
      2. I don’t believe that the God of the bible would create a part of our body that would attack itself.
      3. What if our bodies is “attacking itself” for a good reason?
    2. What if your body is doing that because it sees in infectious inside that tissue or cell. So your body wants to kill the surrounding tissue so that your immune system can get inside of the tissue or cell and kill the underlying infection.
    3. Recent research has shown this to be the case in some instances of H. Pylori associated Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis in patients who otherwise didn’t have any other GI symptoms.
  4. The belief that parasitic and worm infections are not common in developed countries.

    (this is a partial repeat of the information above at the top of this page)
  5. The belief that H. Pylori can ONLY affect the stomach and no other parts of the body.

  6. BONUS:

    1. The idea that the different systems of the body are relatively disconnected and do not interact with each other. 
    2. Basically, if there is a problem in someone’s stomach most doctors believe there is NO way it is connected to skin health or mental functioning.

New research is coming out EVERY month showing DEFINITIVE links between common diseases and infections.

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