5 Tools to Supercharge Your Health

So the title was a bit deceptive. There are 6 helpful tools, but search engines and users like the number 5 better than 6.
(aka 5 is a better clickbait number than 6)

So now for the actual post…


I wanted to share some cool tools I have been using to help me figure stuff out with my own treatment and health in general.

Due to health issues that myself and other family members were having I became a bit of a research junkie. I ran into these tools sometime over the past 1000+ hours of research and 500+ medical articles, journals, case studies.


I am NOT affiliated with ANY of these companies or websites.

I have only used them and find them to be very helpful in learning more about health and about my genetics and how my genes may or may not affect my health.


1. SelfDecode

DNA Analysis
Website: SelfDecode.com

  • Description:
    • Personalized, easy to understand health info and recommendations based on you DNA
    • In the past 3-4 months (sometime in Summer of 2019) SelfDecode released their own DNA sequencing service.
    • This service will:
      • Sequences: 900,000 common SNPs (DNA mutations),
      • Analyze: 40,000 of the most clinically relevant SNPs which is more than any current consumer level DNA analyzing service.
    • OTHER sequencing companies:
      • Ancestory currnely sequences about 500,000 and performs very little analyzing.
      • Most analyzer services only analyze serveral thousand with Promeathease analzying the most (but not providing details on what steps you should or should not take).
  • Note: This is the only services on this list I have not actually used but that I intend to in the very near future.
  • Cost:
    • Subscription: $59 / year
    • Lifetime Subscription: $200 
    • DNA Analysis (kit only): $160  – includes one 1 year membership
    • DNA Analysis (kit + lifetime subscription): $250

2. Promethease.com

DNA Analysis
Website: Promeathease.com

  • Description:
    • High level extremely detailed data on almost all of your DNA
    • This may hurt your brain with the amount of raw information that they provide you in your report.
  • Note:
    • The site supports a huge variety of DNA sequencing companies, but the best results will occur with:
      • Ancestory.com DNA (for 55,000 SNPs)
      • 23andMe (for 24,000 SNPs)
      • Nebula.org (for 33,000 SNPs)
      • SelfDecode.com (unsure if supported or how many SNPs are analyzed, will update when data is available)
  • Cost:
    • $12-14 one time
  • Thoughts:
    • If you have the time and will power to not freak out about every bad gene and take the time to learn about how genetics works, this is a great tool.
    • It is also cool to see some physical characteristics listed here that you may not see in other sites.

3. LabTestAnalyzer

Lab value logging and analysis
Website: LabTestAnalyzer.com

  • Description:
    • Easy to use lab value monitoring,
    • UNBELIEVABLY EASY to read info for EACH of your lab values
    • Provides you VERY precise details on which values are optimal.
  • Example on Reference Ranges:
    • The reference ranges they have are broken into the following 7 subcategories, some lab values have fewer subcategories.
      • Critical
      • Low
      • Sub-Optimal
      • Optimal (sometimes labeled “Normal”)
      • Supra-optimal
      • High
      • Critical
  • Use:
    • Monitoring and optimizing your health and treating some forms of health issues naturally.
  • Cost:
    • $52 / year
    • $36 / 6 months
  • Thoughts:
    • An amazing tool
    • Will greatly help you in understanding ALL of your lab values and how to get your lab values to more optimal ranges.
    • Also the PDF print function is nice to bring results to the doctor with BUT that features need some work as it does not display the raw numbers for any historical values.
    • Overall this is a great tool and you will not regret purchasing it.

4. SelfHacked

Science-backed well written easy to understand health Info
Website: SelfHacked.com

  • Description:
    • General knowledge bank of easy to read info on personal health, fitness, vitamins, and more.
    • ALL articles backed by loads of research.
  • Cost:
    • FREE
  • Notes:
    • This website is the health info site that is directly run by the same company who that runs both SelfDecode and LabTestAnalyzer.
    • Links from SelfDecode and LabTestAnalyzer go to this website first before they go anywhere else.

5. Examine

Science-based unbiased vitamin and supplement info
Website: Examine.com

  • Description:
    • B.S. free info on vitamins and supplements and what health claims are legit and which claims are garbage.
    • Everything here is easy to read and very straight forward for the average person to understand.
  • Cost:
    • FREE
    • But . . . .
      • They sell SUPER helpful short PDF guides for optimizing certain aspects of your health with certain vitamins and supplements. They do not have any contracts with ANY other companies so their data is sound.
      • Topics of the PDFs include:
        • Heart and Lung Health
        • Sexual Wellness and Testosterone Support
        • Weight Loss
        • and others.
  • Thoughts:
    • For me, it actually supported the logic I was using with some of the vitamins and supplements I had been taken.
    • It also helped me decided to finally toss some supplements that I had suspected could be useless, and one or two that I had not.

6. LabDoor

Unbiased quality, purity, and safety evaluation of vitamins, minerals, and supplements.
Website:  LabDoor.com

  • Description:
    • Independent PURITY, QUALITY, and safety testing and evaluation of various vitamins and supplements with a growing list of tested products.
  • Cost:
    • FREE
  • Thoughts:
    • If you take a look at the brands you are using, it is shocking to see how horribly manufacturered some of these vitamins are, including how poor their purity is.
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