Dx Accuracy Rate

The following is a tally I keep so I can remember the total correct and incorrect diagnoses I have made. Data for each specific diagnosis is kept private.

These diagnoses were ALL made despite the initial disbelief of my physician or the physician of my family members and other’s individuals that I have helped.

Examples of the diagnosises I have made include:

Diagnosis (Gender/sex) – # of months before official diagnosis

#DiagnosisGender & PopulationPatientMonths or Weeks Before Official Dx or Confirmation
1Asymptomatic severe H. Pylori infectionFemale – AdultPatient #22 months
2Low testosteroneFemale – AdultPatient #29 months
3Low estrogenFemale – AdultPatient #222 months
4Elevated angiotensin 2 (with low BP)Female – AdultPatient #24 months
5Chronic infection (from international travel)Female – AdultPatient #225 months
6Parasitic infectionMale – AdultPatient #171 months
7Parasitic infectionMale – PediatricPatient #410 months
8Parasitic infectionFemale – PediatricPatient #59 months
9Parasitic infectionFemale – AdultPatient #225 months
10HyperthyroidismFemale – AdultPatient #21.5 months
11Low estrogenFemale – AdultPatient #32 months


ALL or almost all diagnosis were made at a root cause level. So this means I looked at ALL available data, all physiologic processes, all mental processes, all aspects of chemistry, and neurotransmitters, hormones, and so on and between ALL of those aspects I made a diagnosis.

A diagnosis (or Dx) is ONLY considered correct IF confirmed clinically via laboratory values, massive improvement in symptoms following suggested treatment and verified improvement through short term treatment cessation when safe.

  • Correct Dx: 31
  • Incorrect Dx: 4
  • Unproven Dx:  1
  • Total Diagnoses:  36
  • Percentage Correct: 86.1%
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