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If you have found this page of my website then welcome to my semi-public health information repository.

Over the past 2 years I have literally become a health and medicine research fanatic. 

This was in part prompted by personal health issues and health issues of NUMEROUS family members. Each of us had trouble getting answers from our primary care doctors and even some specialists. So as I and my family members continued to suffer I began to consume medical data and information like it was oxygen.

So here are some snippets of information based on what I have learned over the past several years.

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Research Collections

The following pages contain large amounts of my research and are formatted as either research documents (all are currently works in progress) OR a collection of links with short descriptions for each link.


Finished Documents (or almost finished)

Parasites – A Deep Dive on Parasitic Infections
(Exploring the rise of parasitic infection and their various symptoms that may be commonly attributed to other illnesses.)
  • Info:
    • Doctors are often taught in med-school that parasites are a disease that is mostly relegated to 3rd world and developing countries.
    • The CDC disagrees and states that 1 in 6 Americans (17.5%) are chronically infected with a parasite.
  • Status:   Complete – v1.2
  • References: 50+
  • Format:  PDF
  • Length: 13 pages
  • Reason for creation:
    • Lack of knowledge with many healthcare providers on:
      • The wide variety of symptoms of parasites
      • Pregnancy risks with even “non-symptomatic” chronic infections
      • New links between chronic and autoimmune diseases.
      • New links between skin conditions and parasites.
      • New links between mental health issues and parasites
    • CDC has classified 5 different infections as Neglected Parasitic Infection.Which means that:
      • More awareness needs to be done regarding these infections.
      • Healthcare providers need to consider these infections more frequently then they currently do when attempting treatment and diagnosis.
Chordee and/or Peyronnie’s Treatment
(New treatment options for congenital penis defects and acquired penilep injury that doesn’t require invasive surgery.)
  • Info:
    • Research and data is lacking on treatment options to help treat Peyronie’s (curvature of the penis due to trauma) or to treat a chordee (congenital curvature). 
  • Status: Incomplete – 1st draft 60% complete
  • References:
  • Format:
  • Length: N/A – until in PDF form.
  • Reason for creation:
    • Current treatment involved invasive and painful surgery with a 6 week recovery period.
    • New non-invasive treatment methods can be done during an inpatient office visit with virtually no recovery time.
    • Between 10-20% of men after age 40 suffer from Peyronie’s.
    • A chordee can be treated shortly after it is born.
      • However if there are any delays in treatment it may cause problems such as Peyronie’s but at a much younger age.


Active Works In Progress

(with content currently available)

Neural Tube Defects
  • Info:
    • Fatal birth defect, research on this page focuses on NEW WAYS TO PREVENT THIS FATAL BIRTH DEFECT. Folic Acid is the standard treatment and has limited efficacy.
  • Reason for creation:
    • Personally had a pregnancy where this occurred.
    • Neural Tube Defects affect 1 out of 1000 pregnancies.
    • The outcome is usually fatal or results in severe long term complications if the baby makes it to term.
    • Most doctors are only making recommendations based on research that is 20+ years old that only helps in some cases.
    • New research has shows better ways to decrease occurrence.
FSD (Female Sexual Dysfunction)
  • Info:
    • All things symptom related, cause-related, and or treatment-related
  • Reason for creation:
    • A very common non-life threatening medical issues / dysfunction with very little research on treatment for difficult cases.
    • Additionally, this is an issue that almost no healthcare providers have knowledge of or experience treating. Most believe FSD to be common and have next to no treatment methods. I discovered this after talking with a number of doctors and nurses when discussing numerous health issues related to medicines role in the personal relationship of their patients.
Polycythemia Vera
  • Info:
    • Primarily root cause symptom relief and related treatment for this slow-growing genetic-based blood cancer.
  • Reason for creation:
    • I personally have the several JAK2 gene mutations that put me in the high risk category for the slow growing blood cancer called polycythemia vera.
    • My goal with the information on this page is to help advance research and treatment options.
    • While the OUTCOME IS VERY GOOD with on average the life of a someone under 30 at diagnosis being only 4-4.5 years less than the average individual without PV.
SSRIs Depression, SSRI Side Effect Mitigation, and New Advances in Depression Treatment
  • Info:
    • Some of this is addressed in the FSD document. Some more data from that document will be put in this section soon but it is not ready.
    • NEW treatment methods for depression
    • How to reduce (and almost eliminate) some of the side effects of SSRIs.
  • Reason for Creation:
    • Depression rates continue to grow in the western world despite constantly improving living conditions.
    • SSRI’s are one of the most prescribed drugs in the developed western world.
    • Depression appears to be linked to other diseases.
    • Limited studies exist on the the safety and efficacy of prolonged use (5+ years) of SSRIs.
Demodex – A new look at a common parasite
  • Info:
    • The story behind Demodex, Acne, Cysts, Bumps, Dots and Other Skin Abnormalities.
  • Reasons for Research:
    • New research has begun to show that severe (and possibly all) acne is likely caused by a parasitic that lives on human skin.

Least Active Research Efforts

Infection Connection to Cancer
  • Info:
    • The number of cancers that have been linked to infection is growing and prevention of infectious disease is becoming a mainstay of cancer prevention.
  • Status:
    • Incomplete – 1st draft 35% complete
    • Several reference links have yet to be added.
  • Reason:
    • The number of infectious disease linked to cancer seems to be growing at an exponential rate, however there are limited treatment options that prevent a current infection from progression to cancer.
    • This is especially relevant because:
      • The rates of antibiotic use have decreased
      • Unawareness of parasites remains high in the developed world.
      • There is limited research into the internal affects and symptoms related to fungal infections which can occur after antibiotic use.
Infection Connection to Autoimmune Disease
  • Info:
    • Information on how low-grade sub-clinical infections can actually be the cause of a number of health issues
  • Status:
    • Outline phase – determining which infections and disease to address and how to structure document.
  • Reason:
    • Numerous papers have begun to find connections between various chronic illnesses and chronic low grade bacterial or parasitic infections. This is especially relevant as the rates of antibiotic use decreased and unawareness of parasites remains high in the developed world.



(Work in progress – links will be added when a more acceptable version is ready – some similar information can be found on the FSD page, that is linked above)

  • Info:
    • Misc information about genetics
  • Status:
    • Idea phase – Still acquiring knowledge on topic, some formal writing has occurred but still determining exactly how many and which genetic mutations should be discussed.
  • Reason for creation:
    • Use of consumer genetics testing kids is seeing significant growth since its inception ALL experts predicting continued growth in the market.


Pills, Pills, Pills
  • Info:
    • The main idea behind this is to list supportive treatments and therapies that help improve the bodies ability to clear certain infections and improve patient outcome.
  • Status:
    • Idea phase – Still acquiring knowledge on topic, no formal writing has occurred yet.
  • Reason for Creation:
    • New research is providing more evidence of the efficacy of both traditional and functional medicine improving patient health.
    • New research into which vitamins and supplements can actually help you when you are sick.
    • New research and theories into methods to decrease recovery time after physical active or physical traume to and tissue.
    • PLUS use of vitamins and supplements continues to grow.


  • Info:
    • Detailed information on the truly fascinating world of synthetic and semi-synthetic hormones for everything from sexual wellness, wound healing, and tanning.
  • Status:
    • Idea phase – Still acquiring knowledge on topic, no formal writing has occurred yet.
  • Disclaimer:
    • Information ON this Peptides page is ONLY for education and the use of these peptides is not encouraged or condoned. It’s your body, do whatever you want with it, just check with your doctor first.
  • Reason for Creation:
    • Peptides have recently been proven to provide truly unbelievable health improvements such as healing town ligaments back to their pre-torn state. Improve mental function, sex drive, and physical endurance. But ALL of these cases are almost exclusively in animals or controlled human tests.


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